Corporate Sector

Marketing Skills :

Its not what you Market, its always how YOU Market.

Create the necessity & Be a Marketing Expert



Sales Strategy

Art of selling is the root of any business. 

Be persuader, Influencer, Negotiator & increase conversion rate.

Induction  Programs

For your new recruited employees, your current employees & for your organizational base .


Soft skills coaching

Soft Skills are the skills which helps an Individual in Public Dealing & in the Professional Domain. Learn the science of Intrapersonal Skills 






Team building Programs


Great Team leads the organization towards infinite success. Build the :





…bunch of People.



Leadership skills

Create the Dynamic Leaders who can Lead & Create more Leaders.






CRM sessions

Client Relationship Management is the pole of any business. We coach Efficient & Effective Skills to Get – Retain New & Old clients 



BPO Training


we make you equipped to have efficient customer handling with help of “communication skills , word power , attitude , voice & accent training, language training” covering all parameters of back end process