I still curse myself for not getting admission into a premier institute for my graduation. The reason is tad simple. When we complete our school education and start the competition race, barely few of us make to that pinnacle and rest remain hanging, retrying or compromising for some god foresaken institute.

Few years back, there were 3 dominant forces in terms of profession-

1. Doctor 2. Engineer 3. Charted Accountant

If you do not fall in this category, you are not an intelligent seed. But with the changing world dynamics we are seeing more globalized environment and brain storming. We have witnessed a shift from the conventional Doctor-Engineer to Marketing-Sales or Creative-Decorative kind of fields. Now i am not saying that the competition for medical or engineering has gone down. No way!!!

It is same or may have increased to manyfolds. But the options out of these zones are not bad now. And for these options we need to prepare ourselves more for the future.

All these fields which are available to us requires individuals instilled with  confidence, Developed personailty , speaking skills and proper lifestyle skills  so that they are different from the mass. Luckily, you will also find personality development institutes like Toastmasters and various others to work upon your skills.

Here i am specifically talking about a company called Metacogz which has started this year but the foundations were set 3 years back. Talking about the company, Metacogz focuses on life skill training , personality development, interview skills and so on.

This reminds me of education in Abroad where children are being prepared at the very begining of their life cycle so that they have a clarity for their profession. What is so different about Metacogz is that they prepare you from the ground level. Students across various universities and colleges are being prepared to become a professional.

Not only this, professionals also seek help for public speaking and other skills to excel in their career. Guess what? Metacogz does that too. You will find the batches and can also seek for individual help from them.

The company is started by Mrs. Vijayshree Tripathi who is an experienced individual in life skill training and has been into this field since couple of years. Her goal is to prepare the current generation to enhance their skillset so that they become developed and equipped for their future prospect. She has been taking online and telephonic sessions as well.

You can always find Metacogz on facebook (click here) and very shortly on LinkedIN as well. Those morning motivational posts keep your day and spirit high. I am counting high on this company to be one of the most promising ones in future. Metacogz is that one step which brings you close to becoming not only a Public speaker but also enhancing your career options as well.

As published in : gluttonx